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Neti pot, waiting for it to arrive

Posted by jandrew on August 6, 2006

I bought a Neti pot. It’s my first the first step I am taking
in my quest to get healthy now. I did some research, you
can find it on my Neti pot Info site, but I didn’t follow all
the suggestions. I purchased a smaller Neti pot, 6.5 oz,
instead of the 15 oz reccommended. Call me skeptical,
call me cheap, but I went with a small plastic Neti pot off
ebay. It came with a isotonic saline mix so it will be ready
to go out of the box. This may be one of those times
where you get to avoid a mistake by watching me fall on
my face.

I’ll be getting some grapefruit seed extract this week from
the source suggested by my co-worker. I need to a little
more research on the different forms and mixtures of
grapefruit seed extract though because it seems this stuff
does much more than just clean the sinus passages. I’ll
need to find out if using grapefruit seed extract for sinus
irrigation provides the other benefits, like improved
digestion, it offers or if I will have to use drops or pills
in conjunction with sinus irrigation to gain all the benefits
supposedly offered by grapefruit seed extract.

Stay tuned for the delivery of my new Neti pot. I’ll let
you know how it goes.




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To get healthy, it’s a Decision I’ve Made

Posted by jandrew on August 6, 2006

I’m almost 40, a little overweight, I don’t sleep well and I
have a much lower energy level than I would like.

I need to eat better and exercise more. I also need to stop
relying on the chemical medicines of western treatment. I
understand they have their place, but relying on them for
every ailment is causing more harm than good. i am convined
that some of my digestive problems are a result of all the
antibiotics I’ve taken over the years killing the good bacteria
in my gut. It’s a case of throwing the baby out with the bath

So I am taking action. This blog is part of that. I am hoping
recording this will do two things. The first is keep me motivated.
Wanting to come here and report positive results should go a
long way encourage me to get positive results to report. Second,
I hope it will help you through encouragement, positive
example and time savings by sharing the mistakes you won’t
have to make.

I am also a web developer so another thing I will be doing is
building web sites providing support information for the things
I am doing to get healthy. This is the teacher in me coming
out, the other profession I have.

I am sure this will be an adventure. I don’t expect everything
I do to be successful. But that’s good for you because you can
watch from the sidelines as I fall on my face for you. Then when
I am successful you can get off the sideline with a head start
and earlier success.

I also want this to be a suportive place. In that regard I ask that
you keep posts positive and civil. Even if you have a negative
experience to share try to provide a positive light of some sort,
be it an alternative or even just the lesson you took away from
the experience.

I look forward to this journey with you. I will start this adventure
by exploring the Neti pot and grapefruit seed extract to help my
sinus problems. Come along as I see if these “remedies” do what
others claim. I certainly hope so because I really want to breathe

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again.



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